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Confederation Of Purba & Paschim Medinipur District Chamber of Commerce & Industry popularly known and short named as DCCI, is now perhaps the best District Chamber of its kind in Purba Medinipur, Paschim Medinipur & also Jhargram District. It’s present strength of membership is huge level.
A number of other chambers of commerce as well as leading trade & industry organizations of our district are its affiliates. If strength of these affiliated members is taken together the membership comes to more than now.

Features of our Activities See All

  • MSME Helpdesk
  • GST Helpdesk
  • B2B Discussion
  • Marketing Of Handcraft Products
  • Entry Of Handcraft Artists Name In Government Database
  • Micro Loan For SHG & SE Group
  • Vendor Development Programme
  • Seminar & Workshop
  • Identification of Problems
  • Fast Interacting
  • Social Support

President Speech

Ananda Gopal Maity,
Member : Merchants Chamber Of Commerce

Secretary Speech

Mr.Chandan Roy
(National Secretary – Federation of all India Vyapar Mandal,New Delhi
Joint Secretary – Confederation of West Bengal Trade Association)

About Us Brief History

Confederation of Purba & Paschim Midnapore District Chamber of Commerce and Industry Medinipur Business Association of Undivided District. Probably in the eighties of the twentieth century, some rich, influential businessmen from the city of Medinipur and adjoining areas came together to form the Medinipur District Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At that time, Haldia Industrial Area was the only industrial area and there were some follow-up industries (MSMEs) for rail workshops in Khargpur. And there was “Beatla Cotton Mill” in Midnapore Sadar which is now closed. Later, WB S, I, D, C, an industrial park was set up at Kharagpur Nimpura. There are about 25-30 MSME units in operation here. Several other big industries including Tata Metallics were set up in the area adjacent to Gokulpur. Much later small and medium scale industries were gradually established in Kharagpur town and suburbs of Medinipur city. There were some rice mills, pailmills, soap factories, samils, ice cream factories etc. in Medinipur Sadar town — later all the rice mills in Sadar town closed down. . It was against this background that our district organization began. Now our members are manufacturing, hotel and lodge, insurance, finance, marketing, bro ka ring, safe deposit, agencies, transport, insurance agent, auditing, legal farm, taxation farm, farmer, fisherman, hostel owner etc.

In the early 21st century, Kharagpur was considered as the district office and was run by wealthy businessmen living in the town. Gradually, the Medinipur city-based business organization developed in a new way and joined the Kharagpur-run district organization. As the Sadar city was Medinipur, all the rules of procedure of the organization started to be centered on the Sadar city. And gradually the member organization is registered as the strongest undivided Midnapore district and the state is considered to be the only large ancient merchant organization approved by various organizations all over India and internationally – the district administration works in the interest of businessmen in liaison with the state government and central government.

Paschim Midnapore — Paschim Midnapore District is located in South West Bengal. On 1st January 2002, the undivided Midnapore District (then the largest district in India) was divided into Purba and Paschim Midnapore. Paschim Midnapore Kharagpur subdivision, Medinipur Sadar and Ghatal subdivision. It covers an area of ​​9,295’28 sq km and is the second largest district in the state. Third place in the state in terms of population as per 2011 census.

The NH-14, and NH-16 (60) road from Bankura to Baleshwar divides the district into two parts.

The land, like a delta near the Rupnarayan and Hughli rivers, is rich in innumerable rivers and canals, so the abundance of water makes agriculture very good. West Midnapore plays a leading role in paddy and potato cultivation. Potato cultivation has a special place in the state economy.

Significant technology education center here is very easily available to the workers of both classes of human resources as well as skill and skill in the field of art. Kharagpur IIT played a special role in this regard. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Polytechnic College, ITI College Medinipur, Seva Bharati Krishibijnan Kendra, Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyasagar University etc. played a special role in the development of human resources for the establishment of industries. The NH-14 and NH16 transport communication system along the middle of the district is particularly useful. Cargo river port at Haldia in Purba Midnapore and cargo sea port at Tajpur which will be able to play a particularly helpful role in transportation in the industry. It is convenient to bring raw materials and deliver goods to the railway junction by rail or road or waterway.

The government of West Bengal has set up a second industrial complex on a few acres of land adjacent to the city of Midnapore with state-of-the-art infrastructure

Purba Midnapore: – Paschim Midnapore and Howrah District to the north, Hooghly River and South 24 Parganas to the east, Bay of Bengal to the south and Paschim Midnapore District and State of Orissa to the west. Districts are formed. Haldia Industrial Area of ​​this district is one of the important industrial areas of the state. Haldia is going to be a river port and the proposed Tajpur is going to be a sea cargo port. There are two facilities for bringing goods and sending goods through Haldia port.

Digha, Tajpur, Shankarpur, Junput, Tamluk, Haldia, Geonkhali, Mahishadal and Mandarmoni are notable in the tourism industry.

Purba Midnapore carpet industry is significant. Jute bags, wooden boxes, oyster industry, conch industry have developed everywhere. The conch cluster on the rolls is significant. The oyster industry plays an important role in the rural economy. Pan are exported to the state, outside the state and outside the country. Pan is important for the economy of the district. The basket industry for packing Pan has taken the shape of a small and cottage industry in this region. Tamluk towels, saris and mosquito nets are made in every house. In front is Radha Manihat, a wholesale wholesale market for sari, towels, bed covers and mosquito nets in the state. Famous for making wooden furniture towards Panskura. The use is significant in the bronze-brass industry of the market. Decorator business is suitable for Purba Midnapore. Artists associated with the decorator of Purba Midnapore migrated abroad to Kolkata city and other states for Bengali Durga Puja.

Jhargram District: — A district under the Midnapore division of West Bengal. It is famous for the beauty of the hilly forest and the hills of the Bell Hills. Favorite destination for tourists. Ancient temples, palaces are notable. Kakrajhor in the north of the district and Subarnarekha river in the south. 22nd district of West Bengal. District headquarters Jhargram Sadar. Area 3024 km. Population: -11,37,163 (according to the 11th census).

Jhargam is a notable forest beauty in the tourism industry. Deer Park, Kanak-Durga Temple, Savitri Temple, Hatibari, Jhilli Bird Sanctuary, Rameshwar Temple in Deul Bar, Tapban, Bandar Bhola Museum, Jhargram Rajbari, Ghagra Falls etc. are important tourist destinations. These are the places of interest.

There is an abundance of rice mill, oil mill, saw mill etc. Among the industries are Emami Limited, Jhargram Paper Mill Limited, Universal Paper Mill, Kanchan Oil Mill Oil Industries Limited, Orissa Metal, Panchroll Village etc.

The symbol of our organization is the handshake of a pair of hands along the middle of a round full circle. This symbol means – to shake hands with all the religions of the world – all the castes – all the classes – above all the whole human race. Advocacy and conflict resolution are the main objectives of our organization. The handshake of the two hands in the circle and right in the middle of the circle carries the same message – what a sense of cosmopolitanism.

The circular wheel, dawn is the endless motion that has no end, Global.

We basically use three colors white blue and red. White is the symbol of purity, peace and simplicity. Red is as bright as a fire that attracts attention. Blue is the hallmark of consciousness. Faith Loyalty Cleanliness Blue is the symbol of nobility. Blue Horizon Blue water – a symbol of endless vitality. The hit of this logo and the combination of the three colours are indicative of our organization.